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Talk to Me I'm Grieving:

Supportive Ways to Help Someone
Through Grief

"In losing a significant loved one, grief becomes a form of love; it never goes away, but shifts and changes over time." 

~Barbara Legere

Talk to Me I'm Grieving provides an empathetic approach to understanding grief. Having experienced grief after losing her parents, family members, and beloved son, Keven, author Barbara Legere writes with profound insight offering healing tips while focusing on how grief can be a form of love. In addition to her own experiences, Barbara has invited grievers to share stories about how loss has affected their lives.

A book for grievers and supporters alike, Talk to Me I'm Grieving promises to deliver real advice that aids in the healing process, no matter what stage of grief you or someone you care for is experiencing. With insightful guidance, Legere offers concrete language that comforts and steers away from the socially constructed cliches we're accustomed to.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to give helpful and comforting support to grievers.

  • A better understanding of what grief feels like.

  • Why grievers want to talk about their lost loved ones but hesitate to do so.

  • What socially constructed cliches are often more harmful than helpful.

Talk to Me I'm Grieving empowers supporters to be a genuine comfort to those experiencing grief and a space of grace for grievers where they are seen, heard, and encouraged to find hope.

Talk to Me I'm Grieving

Pre-order the paperback HERE.

*Receive a free guide, What to Say and What Not to Say to a Grieving Person, with your paperback pre-order.

Pre-order the eBook HERE.

Keven's Choice:

A Mother's Journey Through Her Son's Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide

When Barbara Legere’s son Keven begged her for permission to die, she refused.

Keven had spent half his life struggling with addiction while his single mom battled courts, health care companies, rehab facilities and mental health professionals in an effort to protect him. As their relationship strained and his drug use progressed, Legere was forced to accept and love Keven as he was in their limited time together—two years before his suicide.

In Keven’s Choice, Legere tells the story of trying to navigate the dark worlds of her son’s substance use and depression while also addressing her complicated guilt and regret over how she handled it. In the process, she shines a light on the hidden anguish of countless parents who are taking care of children that society tells them to abandon. 

For parents who have borne witness to overdoses, arrests, addiction treatment and incarceration and even death, Keven’s Choice is a raw and intimate memoir of a mother’s grief that shows it’s possible and necessary to go on, even amidst the unimaginable. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Apple Books, or through your favorite bookstore.

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Praise for Keven's Choice

"Keven’s Choice is a profound book...beautiful, sad, joyful—a searingly honest portrayal of a family many of us can relate to. This book will provide solace and inspiration to countless readers. It’s about substance use and being a parent. Ultimately, it’s about love.”

- David Sheff,

New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Boy and Clean

The Epiphanies Project:

Twenty Personal Revelations

A dream, a car crash, 9/11, a death in the family, a war, a break-up, a suicide, a visit to the doctor, a confession, a moment when things shifted and life trajectories changed—each of the storytellers in The Epiphanies Project has mined a moment of transformation to bring you a unique story of an intimate, life-changing wake-up call. Explore profound life lessons through the incisive, intelligent, soulful and sometimes very funny lens of 20 outstanding writers who, in exposing their personal turning points, provide a mirror for our own experiences and epiphanies.

Available HERE.

Books about grief

Praise for Epiphanies

The Epiphanies Project is a stunning collection of deeply moving and inspiring personal stories. It reflects the hard work of living through, working through, and beautifully relating some of the toughest struggles life has to offer. If you are seeking hope and strength, it's in these pages.

-Lisa Smith,

award-winning author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar

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