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As a single mother to my son, Keven, I journeyed alongside him through his addiction and mental health issues. Ultimately, his suicide led me to begin writing a memoir about what I've learned and am learning through my loss.

I advocate harm reduction for addicts and am an active in a number of

several  organizations for parents of substance abusers and parents who have lost a child to suicide. ​

Currently I'm in the process of writing a memoir about my life as the mother of my beautiful boy, Keven.  Keven struggled with depression, anxiety, substance abuser disorder and more.  He ended his life in August of 2020.  I write a lot about my experiences as his mother and what I've learned from his death.  My life changed forever that day and reaching out to others is part of my healing process.

I'm also part of a group of 22 writer's who have complied our essays into a book, it should be out this summer!  The book, "The Epiphanies Project: Twenty-One Personal Revelations", it will be out this summer, stay tuned for updates.  My essay is on acceptance.

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Me and Keven 2012