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Aaron Carter’s Death

We lost another young celebrity when Aaron Carter was found dead in his bathtub a few days ago. Apparently, he’d been there for a few days. How sad that no one was checking in on him.

A cause of death hasn't been revealed yet, but many people believe it was intentional. That’s something only he knows for sure.

There’s also a ton of gossip going around about his lifestyle “choices”, his relationships, his legal troubles, his family, his mental health and his substance use disorder. Rather than listening to all of it, I watched one of his last Facebook Live videos.

What I saw was a sadness in his eyes. He seemed like he was high. He seemed lost. It made me wonder who was looking out for him.

Then I read this:

"Another source close to Aaron tells PEOPLE that he didn't have a strong support system prior to his death. "He had no one he could trust, and no one trusted him. He was spiraling out of control and he knew it," says the insider. "It was sad to watch. It was actually painful to see him make the choices he made."

This is heartbreaking, but I know what this person meant. There comes a point where you’ve done everything you know how to do to help a person, but if they don’t want the help, you just watch from the sidelines and hope for the best.

I can’t help but wonder if there was anyone in his life that was watching out for his welfare and reminding him he was valued and loved?

These types of deaths happen all the time to every type of person, but for some reason, this one hit me hard. Maybe because I remember him as an adorable boy. Or because it's so sad to think of no one even noticing he was gone for days. Maybe because I see a bit of Keven and Anthony in him.

Or maybe because he ended up suffering a lot of traumas in his life and spiraling out of control, then dying alone in his bathtub.

There needs to be a better system for helping people with mental illness. Like long term affordable care. Unless you’ve tried to find this type of care, you probably don’t realize how difficult it is to get long-term help. It's one of the many points I try to get across in my book.

Rest in peace, Aaron.

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