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Fentanyl Murders

The first time I heard a parent say their child was murdered by fentanyl, I thought they were just using it as a term for dying from the drug. That was a few years ago. Now I get it, they mean it literally. Kids and young adults are being murdered by dealers who knowingly give them fake pills that are filled with fentanyl, or by adding it to coke, meth or heroin.

Every child in this country needs to be warned. Please don't think your child/grandchild knows better than to experiment by taking a pill. I loved trying any and every drug out there when I was in high school. Its what kids do, even smart kids with loving families.

I urge you - no, I beg you, to watch this video and then show it to your child/grandchild or anyone you know that needs to be aware of what's happening all around us. Thanks.

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