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Getting the Word Out about "Keven's Choice"

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog post. I’m pulling out of a deep depression; the worst one I’ve had since losing Keven. Finally able to function again. It was scary how down I was and how debilitating it was. All I wanted to do was sleep to escape the way I was feeling.

I haven’t shared about “the book” lately. To be honest, sales are almost non-existent. I think everyone I know has already bought the book and very few others are interested, or just don’t know about it.

I feel a bit awkward asking this, but if you read and liked my book, would you be willing to share it on your social media? I know some of you already have and that means the world to me. Amazon reviews are helpful too.

I haven’t done a good job of marketing, so this is my first step in getting back into that mindset to spread the word about “Keven’s Choice”.

Here are three types of people that may be interested the book:

People with mental health and/or substance abuse issues who need to know how valuable they are and hopefully be encouraged to keep going.

Families who want to understand what it's like for their addicted loved one in order to work together toward recovery with compassion.

Parents of young children who want to educate themselves before their child is tempted with drugs so they can be fully informed of how powerful addiction can be and that it can Happen To ANYONE.

Families who have lost a loved ones to overdose or suicide who need to know they are not alone and that their family member mattered and won't be forgotten.

Thanks in advance if you’re able to help me out!

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Thanks for your honesty Barbara. your book is still one of the few posts that I have last six months on my Facebook page. my Facebook account tends not to get a lot of love.

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