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Healthcare Providers That Cause Harm

Keven and Trew 2019

Below is a short video from me talking about a subject that brings up anger and hurt each time I think or hear about it. The following three quotes bring home my point and all come from a website called "STAT" which is about health, medicine, and the life sciences.

"Stigma is killing people with substance use disorders. Health care providers need to rid themselves of it."

"The stigma of addiction comes from the negative feelings that many health care professionals harbor for people struggling with substance use disorders, and their beliefs that poor personal choices, “moral failing,” and defects of character are to blame for the disease. These feelings and beliefs mirror those of the general public."

"Stigma — society’s negative attitudes and behaviors towards individuals because of their substance use disorders — propagated by people working in health care causes feelings of shame, limits access to care, and ultimately contributes to vicious cycles of addiction. This is particularly true for people living with opioid use disorder"."

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