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Surviving and Thriving After Loss Interview

Hi Everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, was Keven's birthday. I just happened to be asked to take part in an interview on the topic of grief on that day. Here is the link if you want to check it out. The other two women in the video have also written about grief, Beth Robinson writes about losing her mom, and Kelsey Chittick lost her husband.

I can't say I'm "thriving" but it depends on how you define that word. I am doing my best. Some days that means getting out of bed! I was so depressed leading up to Keven's birthday I was taking 3 hour naps every afternoon. Next up - Anthony's birthday next week.

Pass code for the Zoom link is: 3?EciTFu

My book is scheduled to be out in April 2022. I am excited and nervous - but mostly excited!

Its a busy time of year so I'll keep this short. Love to each and every one of you that read here, it means so much to me!

Here's Kev on his first birthday - I threw a huge party for him. This year he would have turned 31 so this is from 30 years ago.


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