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Tidbits of Info

Today’s there’s no specific topic, but stay tuned, I have a lot to say soon!

  • Last night was the first time Solace for Hope, my support group, met in person in 18 months! It was so good to see and hug old and new friends. Sadly, all the new parents had lost a teen or young adult to Fentanyl. If you're not aware of the dangers of the Fentanyl crisis I beg you to educate yourself by reading my posts on it, researching it yourself or emailing me!

  • I’ve started a section on my website called “Never Forgotten”. It’s a place where we can share about any loved one that we’ve lost to overdose or suicide. They deserve to be remembered because they mattered! Check it out here to read about this week’s person, Riley Ward. If you would like to write something for me to share here, please email me!

  • December is right around the corner. My least favorite month of the year. I lost both parents in December (42 years apart) and it’s both Keven and Anthony’s birthday month. Oh yeah, and Christmas. Last year Therese (sis) and I ignored the holidays. We’ll see what this year is like.

  • Speaking of Keven’s birthday - on December 7th I am going to be interviewed by bestselling author, Chris Joseph on Facebook Live. Also on the interview will be Beth Robinson and Kelsey Chittick, both amazing authors. We’ll be talking about processing grief of losing a mother, a husband and a son (that’s me!) through writing memoir. Will I be nervous? Heck yes, but I’m honored to be invited!

  • Speaking of writing a memoir - did you know a memoir can be about a very specific time in your life? It’s not like a biography that shares a life story. My memoir is about my years as Keven’s mother. It’s become my favorite genre because I love learning about other people and reading their unique stories. If you want a list of great memoirs to check out, here’s a link to 50 bestselling memoirs. I’ve read 23 of them, plus many other great memoirs. Most recently “The Weight of Air” by David Poses, “Heavy” by Kiese Laymon and “Devotion” by Dani Shapiro. I have a ton of recommendations if you'd like one just ask.

  • Writing a book has taught me SO MUCH about life, people, and mostly - writing. Are any of you interested in writing your memoir? I’d love to hear about it if you are, I can guide you to some incredible resources!

  • HUGE FAVOR - if you read this, will you please leave me a comment? If you have trouble leaving me one, please let me know. Several people are unable to leave comments and I need to figure out why.

As always, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this. I am bombarded daily with things to read, so knowing people read this means the world to me.

Random photo of Chester B. getting ready to watch some hockey.


adrienne blinn
adrienne blinn
Nov 15, 2021

Hey Barbara ! I read your story last night ❤️ Chester : « Oh boy! Oh boy! » = thank God for dogs eh?? xoxo


Tori Lee
Tori Lee
Nov 12, 2021

What a face Chester has! Fentynal to my understanding is more difficult to get off than Heroin. :(


I came by to read!


Chester is adorable :)

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