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Turning Loss into Hope


Today I’m sharing about a woman who is a genuine hero. One definition of hero is “someone who fights for a cause” and Maggie Fleitman has been a relentless and compassionate hero for the last ten years. For me personally, she has provided comfort, wisdom and love. Maggie has helped hundreds of others as well. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her compassion and dedication to educating and encouraging substance abusers, their families and the families who have lost a loved one to overdose.

Maggie founded Solace for Hope in 2012. I started attending Solace meetings in 2015 when Anthony passed away. She met Kev a few times and I will forever be grateful for the words she spoke at his memorial - she saw who Keven really was and talked about some of his beautiful traits. (I cry thinking about it). She was at my house the day after he passed.

The people in our Solace group are my lifeline. They understand what I’ve been going through all these years. Without them, my journey would have been darker and much more lonely.

You’ll hear more about Solace for Hope in the video below.

Maggie’s story is profound. She lost her son, Mitchell in 2010, the oldest of her four sons. Mitch was 22 at the time of his death. Since then has devoted her life to helping other families, and substance abusers. I can’t sing her praises loud enough, so I hope you take the time to watch this interview. I know we’re all busy. Maybe you can’t watch it all at once, maybe save it and watch a few minutes here and there. Every word spoken is important!

This video is for everyone, its educational and informative! You'll definitely want to

watch it if:

  • You are a parent of children, teens, young adults

  • You’re unaware of the Fentanyl epidemic that is killing people faster than heroin ever did

  • Want to understand how easy it is for a young person to find drugs and become addicted

  • You have lost someone to overdose, or have someone in your life who’s using

  • How compassion and understanding help those who are in recovery

  • You don't know what Narcan is and/or you need to know where to find it and be trained to use it

Please take a watch, I can’t stress enogh how important this video is. I love this woman so much! Thank you, Maggie for the gift of Solace. (The young man you see here is Maggie's precious son, Mitch).

Thank you for reading here! It means so much to me to have your support.


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